Perimeter Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is the perfect choice for any sort of perimeter fencing. When you want to protect your property or even the public for their own safety then chain mesh perimeter fencing is the go. Perimeter fences can also have barb wire or razor wire along the top of the fence to prevent entry through climbing over the fence.

There any many different reasons you may want to fence off the perimeter of your property. You may own or lease a factory with large industrial machines that you want to protect from damage or theft, from trespassers from entering the premises or even stopping any wondering animals from gaining access.

It also may be that you own a large equipment hire company, hiring out larger heavy equipment such as tractors, diggers and other large machinery and tradie tool hire and need to install perimeter fencing to protect your hire equipment from intruders and theft.

You would definitely need secure perimeter fencing for small rural airfields and larger airports. This is not an area where you want people animals or vehicles entering the premises.

Another common use for perimeter fencing is sporting fields such as tennis courts, basketball courts, netball courts, baseball and softball fields, pretty much any type of sport you can think of often need perimeter fencing.

Smaller perimeter fencing is also common to use when erecting safe and reliable pet enclosures if you a required to keep your pet or dogs safely enclosed during the day. Pet enclosures are fantastic as they leave the animals able to run and play safely and without needing to be chained up to a kennel.

Whatever your perimeter fencing requirements may be, contact BEFENCED to discuss you needs.