Privacy Fencing

When we think about fencing for a residential property, we automatically think about privacy. We all want to enjoy the freedom to do what we will within the boarders of our own back yards, be that entertaining our friends or sun bathing beside the pool.

Deciding which materials to use for your fence can be determined by budget and needs. Before making your decision you should think about what other purpose your fence will hold. Do you wish to combine privacy with security? Do you have children and pets you want to keep confined safely. Maybe you only need fencing for boarder perimeter and privacy? We generally want a cost effective, low maintenance and durability for our fences.

Different Styles Of Fence

Colorbond: Colorbond fencing is a steel fence. They are commonly used to divide two neighbouring properties and for creating privacy. Colorbond Steel is extremely easy to maintain and usees a specially developed paint that is baked on during the manufacturing process, this is to ensure ultimate resistance to peeling, cracking and chips and keeps its fresh new look for a longer period of time and not requiring repainting every couple of years. All it needs is a wash down once in a while to clear insects and cobwebs.

Timber: Timber fencing can look great and can range from simple wooden panels to beautifully detailed carvery. However, timber fences require regular maintenance annually. You will need to annually treat and maintain your wooden fence with costs adding up over the years. There is also the possibility of termites and timber can also be easily damaged during summer storms.

Galvanised Steel: Galvanized steel is coated with zinc which prevents things like corrosion and rust. It is well known for its durability, low maintenance and strength. Galvanised steel is a great choice for those who live in coastal areas. Comes in a variety of designs and colours, the most popular being panel style fencing (Palisade and Garrison) most commonly used for security needs.

Aluminium: Aluminium is not usually used for privacy, but rather security like swimming pool enclosures. Aluminium fencing is relatively easy to handle and install. Aluminium is resistant to rust and also requires a lot less maintenance. Unfortunately they are not as strong as a steel fence so dents may occur from kids kicking the ball around or the weather (hail and flying debris during a storm) over time.

Modular and Acoustic: These fencing systems often come in a rendered or masonry look finish but without the cost. There are many different finishes and styles to best suit your property. This fence is highly durable, cost efficient and attractive. A modular wall can be customised to match any colour scheme. Materials are non-corrosive and it won't stain or rust.