What Type of Fence Should I Get?

There are many different reasons why we feel the need to build a fence on or around our homes and businesses. Fences are often the first deterrent for criminal activity or preventing our precious children from entering the swimming pool area. Most council laws require swimming pools to be fenced to help in the prevention of tragic pool drownings. Panel fencing is perfect for this.

Perhaps you need to protect the perimeter of your commercial or industrial factory. Chain-mesh or chain-wire security fences are are great and cost effective way to meet your security needs and if you think you need some reinforcement for the chain-mesh fence, then why not razor or barb wire. Panel fencing and vehicle security gates are also a great way of keep parking areas and front offices secure overnight or simply to give your staff peace of mind while working in the factory or are on call outs.

A chain mesh fence is also standard when setting the perimeter of sporting fields or tennis courts.

Another great use for chain mesh fencing is building a dog or other pet enclosure, whether it be permanent or temporary, or maybe you need a storage enclosure on your farm or even in your parking garage.

Maybe all you require is a security gate for your residential driveway or your business drive way. Security gates are the perfect solution if you spend a lot of time away from your business during the day or if you just need that extra "staff only" security. Sometimes a combination of chain mesh fencing, panel fencing and security gates is the best choice for valet or airport style long-term parking needs.

Whatever your fencing needs contact befenced to chat to one of our friendly and experienced staff, where no fencing job is too big or too small.