Types of security fencing

Chain mesh fencing is an easily installed and cost effective security fencing option. A traditional style of fence commonly used for commercial and industrial premises to prevent employees and visitors from any injury and to deter any possible intruders. For an extra deterrent, pair razor wire or barbed wire atop the chain-mesh fence for added security. Durable and long lasting chain-mesh fencing can be made to any specification you desire and can also be galvanised and PVC coated for extra longevity and durability. This style of fencing is also regularly used for security storage and pet enclosures.

Another cost effective fence that is sturdy and durable. Weldmesh fencing is able to be installed on most terrain and is commonly used for leisure centres, parks and playgrounds, industrial and commercial areas, schools and agricultural sights. It's safe and strong design makes it a great choice for swimming pools as it it very difficult to climb. Weldmesh can be more attractive and tidier in appearance while being extremely durable.

Palisade fencing is recognised as the strongest and most durable security fence on the market. It is a high security fence fabricated from heavy duty rolled steel pickets, which are individually bolted onto steel rails, secured between ā€˜Iā€™ beam posts. Palisade fencing provides excellent anti-climb protection and is used in securing and protecting high security premises such as electrical sub-station, train and bus depots, refuse stations etc

Garrison fencing is one of the most popular choices in fencing for medium security requirements. A garrison fence is welded with tubular panels. It is especially suited for built-up areas and is more aesthetically pleasing.
The panels are bolted between fixed posts, making the fence a strong and secure barrier that deters opportunists and intruders.
Garrison fencing is most commonly used for factories in light commercial areas, schools, public and private swimming pools and community or recreation centres.