Uses for Gates

When we think of gates, we think about protection our loved ones, our property and our business'. There are many reasons why you may need a gate and there are many different varieties to best suit your security needs.

Homes: When you have children and pets, we want to make sure they are safe and sound. Installing a gate for your driveway so your property is not left open is also a great way to deter and discourage potential intruders.

Swimming Pools: Security around swimming pools, especially on properties with young children is a no brainer. Always make sure your swimming pool gate is closed securely, never prop open the gate and never leave anything against gates and fences that could assist a child in opening the gate or getting over the fence.

Business: When you have valuable items or machinery on your business premises you want to ensure not just any Joe Bloggs can enter the premises. An electric security gate is a great way to prevent those unexpected or unwanted guests of gaining entry to the premises without permission.

Car Parks: Employee car parks, underground building or apartment garages and car yards.

Sports Courts: Most sports courts such as tennis and netball courts have chain mesh fencing and gates made of chain mesh can be made to match the existing fencing of the courts.

Pedestrian Access and Protection: There are many areas that pedestrians may need protecting such as train stations and rail crossings or pedestrians access to business premises.

Day Care Centres and Play Grounds: Parents need to know their children are safe and not able to wonder off the premises.