Maintaining your fence

No matter what style of fencing your property has or the materials used, all fences require maintenance. Your fencing should be checked at least every 6 months. Here are some tips on maintaining your fence.

  • Check that posts are firmly in the ground and stable with no loose ground. If your posts have gaps then you may need to fill with dirt to re-stabilise the post.

  • Check the that all bolts that stabilize the posts to the ground are tight, firm and stable.

  • Check that bolts that connect panels are tight with no gaps or damage.

  • Check for loose panels on timber fencing as well as nails.

  • Check for rust on steel fencing such as Garrison and Palisade fencing.

  • Inspect for any damage or breaches on steel fencing, especially swimming pool fencing

  • Avoid using any abrasive materials and chemicals on steel fencing that may damage protective surfaces applied during manufacturing.

  • Keep your fence free from plant and tree debris as well as insect debris such as spider webs etc

  • Plain old water should be fine for cleaning, however if cleaning solution is required for stubborn dirt and stains, use environmentally friendly products such as Simple Green or purpose stainless steel cleaner *Always spot test with cleaning solution before applying to entire fence.

  • Always ensure your fence is rinsed well and completely free of any cleaning solutions.

  • Only use soft bristled brushes to help remove stubborn debris.

  • For timber fencing, only use solution designed specifically for timer, or use a pressure washer.

  • Always contact a professional fencing service immediately should your fence require repairs you are not qualified or experienced to do, or if you require emergency repair work.