New Pool Safety Laws from 1st December 2015 in QLD

With new swimming pool laws being introduced in Queensland from the 1st December 2015, it serves as a great reminder to get your own pool fence inspected for any issues that may render the pools safety fence non compliant. This may include any damage, rust, non-working gates.

Summer is here, the weather's heating up and this means BBQ's and swimming. Check around the entire perimeter of your fence looking out for any damage or breaches. Check your gates a self closing AND self latching. Make sure there is no object around the fence that those littlies could use as a booster to get up and over the fence. Check heights and gaps are compliant.

If any breach or damage has been discovered with your Garrison Panel fence, Be Fenced will happily send out one of our experienced team members to repair or replace any fault including the pool gate.

Here is a link to Pool and Spa safety in Victoria: