Protecting your business

Protecting your business can be very costly without achieving the level of security you actually need. Monitored alarm systems, internal security measures, good quality security cameras and security patrols are all good measures to be taken when protecting your business and your employees, but may not be quite enough. That's where good quality and effective security fencing systems step in.

Palisade Fence
Palisade fencing is recognised as the strongest and most durable security fence on the market. It is a high security fence fabricated from heavy duty rolled steel pickets, which are individually bolted onto steel rails, secured between ā€˜Iā€™ beam posts. Palisade fencing provides excellent anti-climb protection and is used in securing and protecting high security premises. With it's galvanised finish, palisade fencing is seen as a great alternative for Wrought Iron.

Garrison Fence
Garrison fencing is one of the most popular choices in fencing for medium security requirements. A garrison fence is welded with tubular panels. It is especially suited for built-up areas and is aesthetically pleasing. The panels are bolted between fixed posts, making the fence a strong and secure barrier that deters opportunists and intruders.
Garrison fencing is most commonly used for factories in light commercial areas, schools, public and private swimming pools and community or recreation centres.

Chain Mesh or Chain Link Fence
Used for a variety of security levels, chain mesh fencing is commonly used for perimeter fencing for premises with large areas of land to secure. Chain mesh is also often used in conjunction with barbed wire and razor wire. A strong and durable and cost effective security fence that will prevent damage or theft from trespassers whom enter the premises. Also a great choice for preventing unwanted animals and wild life from gaining access.

Razor and Barbed Wire
Razor wire is most commonly used as extra security atop existing walls and fences as extra security to discourage potential intruders from entering (or exiting) a premises. It will often be used in conjunction with existing perimeter fences to keep out intruders to any high security premises.