What is PVC coated fencing?

PVC coating or Vinyl Coating is when a galvanised steel chain mesh or weld mesh is coated with a thick layer of PVC which is tightly bonded to the wire by a heat process.

PVC coating provides better protection and longer life expectancy when used in coastal and other corrosive environments. When the mesh is buried in the earth, the PVC coating provides a high level of protection from natural soil acids or alkalies, thereby prolonging the mesh life.

The coating is flexible and will not crack when the wire is bent. It is stable over a wide temperature range, maintaining its qualities in extremes of both hot and cold temperatures.

There are many uses for this long lasting and durable PVC coated chain mesh fencing including:

  • Animal and pet enclosures
  • Tennis and netball courts
  • Pedestrian protection
  • Gates
  • Sporting fields
  • School fencing
  • Aviary and chicken enclosures (not suitable for birds that may tend to chew on fencing)