When to repair your fence or gate

There may be many reasons that your fence needs repair and here at Be Fenced we offer not only fence repairs but also insurance work.

Security Breach
If you have had a security breach of any sort, no doubt you will want to get the breach repaired as soon as possible. It may be that you will require a temporary fencing solution while the repair is being made in order to protect passers by, machinery or other vehicles. This is to give the fence repairer time to fabricate a new section or gate to correct measurements, especially in cases of damaged security gates.

Weather Damage
A large storm might have blown through and caused a tree to topple onto your fence. Or maybe strong winds have bent or damaged the chain mesh fencing on sporting grounds. Flood waters can also cause fencing to be damaged and displaced.

Accidental Damage
A lot of the time damaged is caused accidentally, most often a vehicle or large machinery has bumped into the fence or gate causing damaged that needs urgent repair.

Maintenance Issues
All fences need care and regular maintence checks for any of the above reasons but also to ensure the life of your fence is the longest it can be. Materials for fencing solutions have become stronger and more durable in recent years, however regular checks for any ground movement or other damage should be regularly taken out, this includes checking bolts are firmly in place. Keep the fence clear of tree matter, including roots that may up heave your fence causing it to be unstable.