When To Use Razor Wire And Barb Wire

Razor wire or Barbed Wire is a type of steel fencing constructed by twisting stands of wire together with sharp pointy edges along the stands.

Razor wire is most commonly used as extra security atop existing walls and fences as extra security to discourage potential intruders from entering (or exiting) a premises. Prisons will use razor wire along fences and walls to prevent prisoners from climbing walls and escaping. It will often be used in conjunction with existing perimeter fences to keep out intruders to any high security premises.

Farmers will often use barbed wire to protect crops from wandering livestock and other roaming animals and pests. They may also use barbed wire as a means to keep livestock contained and separated from other animals, or to protect valuable livestock from theft.

If you are in two minds whether barbed or razor wire is suitable for your needs, contact one of our experienced team members to discuss your options.